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Q. Can I request a team or to play with a friend?
A. Teams and friends may not be requested per Dixie Youth Rules. All leagues have an official draft with the exception of T-ball players who may request a team and/or a friend.

Q. How often do I practice and play?
A. Most teams average two practices a week and there are typically two games per week.

Q. What do I need to buy – pants, cleats, glove, etc.?
A. Each player will need to buy shoes, a glove, pants & socks.  Once teams are designated, the head coach will communicate the team colors to the parents. The registration fee includes a jersey and hat for each player.

Q. What if I have had trouble with a coach in the past and do not want my child to be on his team?
A. Please let a board member know in advance of the season if you prefer that your child not play on a particular coach's team.  The coach will be notified at the draft if necessary.  Once the season begins, we ask that any issues between parents and coaches try to first be resolved between the two parties. If the issue remains unresolved, a request may be made to move the child to another team (if available). Playing time, field positions and team records are generally not good reasons to request a different coach.

Q. What if I have two children in the same league?
A. Siblings will be placed on the same team unless parents request otherwise. Next-door neighbors, cousins, etc. may not request to play on the same team.

Q. What if I have a problem during the season with a coach or board member?
A. Please contact the Player President Board Member. If you have a problem during the year with any personnel at the ballpark, contact the Player President Board Member after trying to resolve it with the coach or board member.

Q. Can my son play up a level?
A.  A panel of board members and coaches will determine if the athletic ability of your child is sufficient to move up. Amount of time spent at the ballpark is not a reason to move your child up.

Q. Can my son play down a level?
A.  No

Q:   When will players be contacted?
A.    T-Ball will be contacted February 27th and all other Leagues by February 10th.

Q:   What do the players need to bring to evaluations/tryouts?
A.    A glove is all that is necessary.

Q:   When are team pictures?
A.    This varies from season to season.  The Leauge will communicate the schedule for team pictures sometime after Regular Season games begin.

Q:   Will my son get a trophy?
A.   Typically, all T-Ball players receive a trophy at the end of the season.  In all other leagues, only the teams that win their regular season and post-season tournaments receive trophies.

Q:   Will we play/practice on Memorial Day/ Spring Break?
A.    The League takes a break from practices and games each year during Spring Break.  The season will conclude a week prior to Memorial Day.

Q:   Can I play league ball and travel ball?
A.    Yes. It is possible to play both at the same time but most likely may create scheduling conflicts from time to time.  Our games for 9-12 year olds will be played on weeknights which should allow for those ages to play travel ball on the weekends.

Q. What will be my responsibility for concession stand duty?
A. Every team will be assigned one night during the season to run the concession stand.  Your coach will coordinate staffing the concession stand but at least one of each player’s parents is required to work at least one shift during your team’s time.

Q: Do you need volunteers?
A. Yes, please offer to find a team sponser, be a team parent, keep the books for the coach or assist with field maintenance.  The league runs best when volunteers are involved!