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The general oversight of Southeastern is vested in an 11 person Board of Directors, while the day-to-day management of Southeastern is vested in officers elected by the Board of Directors.


In December 2019, Southeastern's Board of Directors voted unanimously to restructure the day-to-day management of the Dixie Youth League (i.e., 12 years and under league) at Southeastern.  Prior to this vote, Southeastern's Dixie Youth League was managed on a daily basis by a Commissioner and an Assistant Commissioner.  With its December vote, the Board has eliminated the Commissioner and Assistant Commissioner positions and, in their place, created five President positions that share equal authority and control over the day-to-day affairs of the Dixie Youth League. These five President positions are the Administrative President, the Operations President, the Player President, the Coaches President, and the Facilities President.


(Note: Southeastern's Dixie Boys League (i.e., 13-14 year old league) is unaffected by these management changes and is still run by President Joe Finklestein and Vice President Webb Chastain.)


Each of the five new Presidents of the Dixie Youth League at Southeastern has exclusive control over the following Dixie Youth affairs:


Administrative President (Jonathan Barganier): registration; zoning/boundaries; player eligibility; sponsorships; league and team size/control; finances; recordkeeping; and all Dixie Youth organizational matters.


Operations President (Webb Chastain): uniforms; practices and practice scheduling; games and game scheduling; rules writing and enforcement; suspended game oversight/control; and all game operations matters.


Player President (Bobby Trott): player evaluations; coaches' blocks; drafts; all-stars rules and voting; and all other player matters.


Coaches President (Brian Bernier): coach selection; coach background checks/certification; coaches' rules and expectations; coach complaints; coach punishment; and all other coaching matters.


Facilities President (Todd Henderson): Field preparation for games; team equipment (e.g., catchers' equipment, practice balls); field and cages oversight and control; all-star tournament hosting at Southeastern; concessions and all other facility matters.


If you have a matter that you need addressed by Southeastern, please direct that matter to the specific league President who oversees the matter.  Contact information for the league Presidents can be found on the "Board Members" page of this website.  Thank you.